Patience is a Virtue?

12 04 2011

You turn your laptop on. It boots up, and you can finally see your desktop. You skim for the internet icon. Quickly, you double click. The “loading” circle starts, but just as soon as it started, it stops. Nothing happens. So, you double click again. Nothing happens. You do it a third time. All at once, you have three web pages open.

Ever happen to you? Of course it has.

The other day I was on my computer. I don’t remember exactly what website I was trying to get to, but I do know that it was taking forever to load. So what did I do? I clicked refresh. A lot. Now, was the site actually loading slow or have I just become too impatient? I have fast internet. Every web page I go to loads almost immediately 99% of the time. But when that 1% occurs, we lose our minds.

I think sometimes we forget that the big thing used to be dial up internet connections. Is this a case of not realizing what we have while we still have it?




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