Creative Research Project

25 04 2011

I chose to do my project on how overwhelming social media is.

Ironically, a lot of social media related things happened during the course of this project. In class, someone brought up the topic of the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Doctor Bailey Tweets during surgeries. That way, people can ask her questions and people can give their input and opinions on the surgery that’s going on.

Another thing that I saw is that hospitals are beginning to use iPads. They can use them now to show a patient his or her X-rays, check to see if drugs they have prescribed you have any interactions with other drugs you might be taking and check your medical history.

I, for one, think that technology, if used correctly, could do wonders for our society. Whereas before we were only limited to knowing things that we might have read before or heard from someone, now we have everything we need to know at the tips of our fingers.

However, if not done right, social media could get out of hand in certain situations.

Picture this: You’re at the hospital. A loved one is having a major surgery. All of a sudden, your phone vibrates. You look down and see a text that reads, “We lost him.”

Initially, you would think that would be a horrible way to find out something like that. However, the more you think about it, the more realistic something like that seems. Just think of how interpersonal things are now with the use of Facebook, Twitter and text messaging.

I drew a comic to express the above scenario better:

Caption: “Doc: We R losing him…” “Nurse: I will inform the family…”Caption: sigh

Caption: “Nurse: @family: We lost him…”Caption: “Family: Nurse @family We lost him…”




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