Lego, the Toy Building Brick.

17 05 2011

I am stealing this idea from my best friend Sumr.  She posted a blog about her top five favorite things made of Lego’s. She was a bit more in depth and I’m sure most of the ones she mentioned, she’s seen in real life. I, however, just did a Google image search. Oh well.

I am such an avid Lego user. I’ve made movies using them. I spent countless hours of my childhood making things out of them. I have experienced the strange, “Ka-chunk ka-chunk” noise that a very small Lego piece makes when sucked through a vacuum cleaner. And, no, Megabloks are NOT the same thing. But, I digress. Here is the list of my top five favorite things made out of Lego’s (that I found on Google image search…):

5. LEGO MARIO. Let’s start out with something slightly on the lamer side. Most of us know and love Mario. I have to say that seeing him in Lego form makes me love him a little bit more. This cannot have been easy, either. Sumr and I have tried to make 3D Lego people, and it is definitely difficult.

4. SLEEPING LEGO MAN. I just came across this and thought it was fantastic. It is definitely something I could see myself making and putting out to get reactions from people. And, I have to say, it is much less creepy than the Colonel Sanders or Ronald McDonald’s you see in their respective food chains.

3. LEGO ENGINE. I feel a little like I’m cheating on this one because, honestly, it’s only on the list because I am currently slightly crazy about a boy who is slightly crazy about cars. If not for him, I don’t think this would make the countdown even though it is pretty ridiculously cool.

2. LEGO PRINTER. I actually saw this one on the news not too long ago. A guy designed a working printer out of Lego’s and felt tip markers. Genius.

1. EVERYTHING MADE BY THIS MAN. Now, this may be cheating just a little, but just from skimming this guy’s website for less than five minutes, I’ve decided that I might be in love with him. His name is Nathan Sawaya and he makes the most amazing Lego art I have ever seen in my life. He is brilliant and must have A LOT of time on his hands. And quite the Lego collection. His website is if anyone is interested. Gotta admire that level of talent.




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