The Silence Falls Tonight.

1 06 2011

The newest series of Doctor Who just recently started. And it started off strong. I wasn’t surprised though considering the last series completely left me wanting more. I must admit, I was not a Matt Smith fan until many episodes into his run as the Doctor. When everything came together at the end of series 5, I was hooked.

As you can probably tell, I’m quite the Doctor Who fan. So, it should come as no surprise that it didn’t take long at all for my Doctor Who nerdiness to come out in front of my new-ish boyfriend, Andrew. Originally, he thought the show was stupid. As did I before I actually sat and watched it (early on when David Tennant was still the Doctor). Naturally, I brought him home with me to sit as my parents, my brother and I watched the first episode of the new season.

I’m not really blogging to talk about the episode so much, because, frankly I’m still very confused. I’m sure at the end of the series all will become clear, though. I am here, however, to talk about the aliens in the first two episodes. The Silence. As Doctor Who badies go, these are probably up there with Weeping Angels and the Daleks. Basically, if you see one of The Silence, you know that they are there. But, the moment you look away, you’ve forgotten.

Andrew told me that he was home alone one night and got to thinking about The Silence. He was thinking that they could be in his room right now, and he’d never even know. He freaked himself out a little.

The other day, I was sitting in my room. Alone. I thought I had seen something out of the corner of my eye. It was quick, though. My first though? The Silence.

They are the perfect badie. Logically, they can’t exist. They’re aliens in suits that you forget about immediately. But, psychologically, they could be anywhere. Think about it. As I’m typing this, one could be standing in the dark. And I would never know unless I looked over and there was, in fact, one standing there. -shudders- It’s a frightening thought, but a thought nonetheless.




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